Our top priority is to provide you with excellent customer service and economical supply of timely delivered good fermented cocoa.

Allied Cocoa's business foundation is built on a qualified and highly educated employees who apply the highest standards to facilitate reliable cocoa acquisitions and deliveries. We value ethical work practices and have earned the seal of approval from the Cameroonian government to export excellent fermented cocoa internationally.

Meet our team of experts
Allied Cocoa Standards

The self-imposed quality standards of Allied Cocoa go far beyond normal standards. We aim to meet the needs of our customers in the most rigorous way. This means impeccable customer service to our customers as well as unparalleled communication throughout the order fulfillment process.

Allied Cocoa ensures that our cocoa beans ready for export meets all internationally recognized standards and is submitted to various inspections in accordance with our pre-export checklist. Our customers can have the peace of mind that once their cocoa beans is delivered to them, the outcome will be a product that enhances their business objectives.

Reliability, Lasting Relationships, Integrity and Excellent Customer Service

Our agents can be reached from 8:00AM to 8:00PM CST (Central Standard Mountain Time) and (Eastern European Summer Time). We remain highly accessible to encourage strong lines of communication throughout the entire ordering and exportation process. We value our customers and strive to establish long-term, rewarding business relationships.

Our Cost Saving Cocoa Export Strategy

We protect our price points by removing middle men. Allied Cocoa is well rooted in the community and has strong relationships with local cocoa farmer cooperatives that match our high standards and dedication to quality. As a result, our long-term methods ensure that our customers and partners enjoy consistent access to a quality product. Allied Cocoa Inc.'s logistical experience is your greatest asset. We pride ourselves on our timely deliveries at low, stable prices.

Our service is dedicated to the satisfaction of our clients!