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"My goal is to be an industry leader in the cocoa beans sector as well as the dynamic confectionery industry."

Moise Arrah has been in the cocoa industry all his life. He was born into a cocoa beans farming family and grew up cultivating cocoa beans. Cocoa beans constituted the main source of revenue for his family and as a result, cocoa beans was an important part of his life. Moise Arrah followed in the foot steps of his father and started cultivating his own farms. In the past several years, he has devoted his energies in developing a cocoa plantation which now spans over 80 productive hectares and another 50 in development.

There are over 350 hectares planned for development progressively. Moise Arrah has also been in the cocoa beans trade for a few years now as he buys and supplies to exporters and has done some international shipments. Allied Cocoa Company was founded by Moise Arrah as a vehicle to propel his activities and passion in the cocoa beans sector to new heights. His ultimate dream is to be an industry leader and to lend his experience in the cocoa beans sector to the ever evolving and dynamic confectionery industry. If you are looking for a suitable and reliable partner, Moise Arrah is your man.